SMSC represents Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural aspects of learning, and is therefore evident in nearly all aspects of The Petchey Way and academy life. As a diverse school serving a dynamic and rapidly changing community, SMSC exists in abundance. The seven learning powers underpin many of the skills that students are expected to develop as part of SMSC, and therefore is found in every curriculum area. SMSC is mapped across all aspects of the academy's curriculum and the work done was highlighted as an area of outstanding practice in our 2012 Ofsted.
We are a non-denominational school so students of all religious and cultural backgrounds are respected and celebrated. Through weekly compulsory Religious Education lessons, trips and workshops, as well as through daily seminar time students develop their knowledge and understanding of a wide range of belief systems; and are encouraged the discuss and challenge one another’s beliefs and views. In lessons across the academy and through creative project based home learning, students should develop an interest and fascination with the world around them.
Students’ moral and ethical development is further supported through the main curriculum; in particular in English, Expressive Arts, Science and Human Spirit subjects; where students regularly debate and develop their own science of right and wrong. Weekly Assemblies, PSHE and ‘In the News’ Seminar sessions further allow these skills to be applied to the real world, as students are expected to be able to give reasons to support their views. Students that are required to attend PALS, spend time in the Reflection Room or are in Internal Exclusion are also expected to reflect on the consequences of their actions during this time, through a reflective conversation with staff.
Through routines such as daily line up, family service, clubs and high expectations suring social time students are continually utilising a wide range of social skills, through interacting with students that they do not encounter in their lessons. Students of all backgrounds are encourage to work and play together; generating shared interests and a shared identity as part of the Petchey community.
Knowledge and understanding of diverse cultures is developed and experienced through events both national (Black History Month) and academy based (Stamp Out Prejudice Week). The unique learning environment of the academy is also a tool for cultural celebration as both classroom displays and installations and decorations in the common spaces.

Promoting Equality and Diversity

The academy is committed to promoting equality in all of our practice and across all of our stakeholders, educating our students in line with The Petchey Way and its ethos of respect and tolerance. The academy and its governing body set equality aims every two years that focus staff and student on particular areas of equality and diversity. The current equality aims of the academy are:
  • The development of the academies Stamp Out Prejudice (StOP) initiatives and embed an annual calendar of initiatives led by strong student voice and support.
  • Increase the awareness of homophobia and eradicate the casual use of homophobic language in the academy.
  • Understand the underachievement and challenges for our EVER6-FSM students and develop systems of tracking and strategies to reduce this gap.
These have been considered and built into all relevant aspects of our SMSC provision.