As a Medical Science specialist scademy we offer a wide range of science qualifications. We offer OCR Gateway Science in the following: Separate Sciences: GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics; Double Science: Core Science, Additional Science and Entry Level Science.

The OCR Gateway Science suite emphasises explanations, theories and modelling in science along with the implications of science for society. Strong emphasis is placed on the active involvement of candidates in the learning process and each specification encourages a wide range of teaching and learning activities. Students wishing to opt for the separate sciences will normally be required to have achieved a Level 6 or above in their science KS3.

OCR Separate Science (Year 10-11)

Students who take this option gain 3 GCSE’s in biology, chemistry and physics. All students have the option of taking this course. The OCR Separate Science course covers 6 biology, 6 chemistry and 6 physics modules across Year 10 and Year 11. These modules are assessed through 6 external exams in the summer of Year 11. Students are also required to complete a controlled assessment for each discipline in science. This course is ideal for students who have a particular interest in science and may wish to take up biology, chemistry or physics at AS / A2 Level.

OCR Gateway Science and Additional Science (Year 9-11)

Students gain 2 GCSE’s. The OCR Gateway Science and Additional Science course covers 2 biology, 2 chemistry and 2 physics modules in Years 9, 10 and 11. Students are required to sit 2 external exams in the summer of Year 10 and Year 11 as well as complete a controlled assessment in each year.

Level 2 Nationals in Science

Some students will be identified as suitable for studying the Vocational Science course in Year 10 which will also lead to a full qualification to one GCSE. Students will then continue with a further Vocational Science qualification in Year 11.

Controlled Assessments & Exams

Assessment for GCSE Core Science, Additional Science and Separate Sciences is based on 75% examinations and 25% controlled assessments. Exams are taken in May/June of Year 11. The controlled assessments are completed under supervision and comprise controlled assessment tasks split into three parts: research and collecting secondary data, planning and collecting primary data, and analysis and evaluation. From September 2015 there will be no more controlled assessments, except in those subjects where exams cannot validly assess the skills and knowledge required. Assessment for the Vocational Science course is mainly assignment based (75%) and 25% external assessment. Students build up a portfolio of evidence during the year through completing a variety of tasks in lessons. Work is internally and externally verified to ensure it meets the standard required.