Key Stage 4

Sociology is the study of society. Society is the collection of all the people, communities and organisations that make up the country you live in. You can’t see or touch society, but you can see and touch the parts that make it up. When we study society, we tend to study these individual parts one at a time. We can then look at the whole picture and see how all the parts work together. For example, we study the family, the education system, the criminal justice system and the mass media. These are just some of the institutions and organisations that make up society.

KS4 Sociology

Key Stage 5

As well as studying institutions we study social groups, for example ethnic groups, age groups and social class groups. We learn to understand how our individual experiences in society can be linked to our social background. We develop a sociological imagination. For example, when studying the education system, we learn that some social classes and ethnic groups tend to do better than others in school. We question this. Is it because some social groups are more intelligent than others? Or is it because the education system isn’t designed to help all students equally?

The A-Level Sociology programme at The Petchey Academy is specifically designed not only to provide you with the knowledge and understanding of the way society works, but also to give you the skills that are crucial to your development as a young adult. These include research and analysis; independence of thought and interpretation; creativity; working as part of a team; managing deadlines;self-organisation; self-confidence; the ability to reflect on your own learning; and being able to take a leading role in your own studies.

KS5 Sociology