KS4 students will study 3 hours of Spanish per week, the course is designed to enable students to develop an understanding of Spanish in a variety of contexts as well as knowledge of Spanish vocabulary and structures. Throughout the course Students are expected to communicate effectively in Spanish and to have understanding of countries and communities where Spanish is spoken.

Key Skills:

There are four key skills in Spanish listening; reading, speaking and writing and they are all tested at GCSE level. Controlled assessments in speaking and writing are completed throughout the 3 years course, whereas listening and reading are tested through an examination at the end of the course.


There will be two tiers of assessment for the Reading and Listening papers: Foundation and Higher. Pupils may be entered for either Foundation or Higher in each skill. However, there are no Higher or Foundation tiers in the Speaking and Writing elements of the exam. All pupils will be assessed using the same criteria in GCSE Spanish.

  • Listening Test 20%
  • Reading Test 20%
  • Writing Test 2 controlled assessment tasks 30%
  • Speaking Test 2 controlled assessment tasks 30%