Spelling Bee

Following highly competitive preliminary rounds in English lessons, the Year 7-9 finalists competed against one another in a tense and tightly fought house competition to decide who each Year group’s most proficient speller was. Judges were put to the test as they were called upon to select increasingly difficult words as students were progressively eliminated over the half an hour assembly. Students were challenged with a range of deceptively difficult words (‘definite’ and ‘banal’ eliminated some of the most confident participants) as well as some more conventionally challenging vocabulary (‘serendipity’ and ‘afficiando’). The winners showed great skills of concentration and an impressive command of the English language, acquiring some well-earned house points. They were:

Year 7:

1st= Zakariyah Islam DARZI- 20 Points

2nd= Farhaan Shaikh SEACOLE- 10 Points

3rd= Kuba Sobero HUNT- 5 Points

Year 8:

1st= Aaliyah Katrm SAUNDERS-= 20 Points

2nd= Ammar Shaikh DARZI= 10 Points

3rd= Hazeem HUNT- 5 Points

Year 9:

1st= Rasheeda Pitter SAUNDERS= 20 Points

2nd= Jasmine Francis HUNT= 10 Points

3rd= Tasneem Hussain YACOUB= 5 Points