Student Leadership and Development

The Sixth Form is an exciting opportunity for students to develop not only their academic skills at The Petchey Academy but also skills of leadership that are valuable in life and attractive to employers. Students are encouraged to apply for leadership positions either as a Student Principal, as a chair of the Well-Being,Teaching and Learning or Events & Communications committees, or as a mentor attached to a lower year group. All members of the Student Leadership Group are expected to act as role-models to other students in the academy, to attend Year Council meetings, to sit in family service with younger students and to plan and deliver assemblies with them.

Sixth Form students have the opportunity to project manage academy events such as organising social events, fundraising and citizenship activities to raise awareness of national and local issues. They will promote the Sixth Form, both internally and externally as student ambassadors for the academy, carrying out roles and responsibilities under the direction of the academy leadership team. The skills they learn will not only aid personal growth, but could play a significant part in securing a university place and impressing future employers.

Our Student Council meet every semester to discuss aspects of academy life and report to their committees on progress and to develop their action plan. 

2018-19 Student Principal - Elisha Lualua

Hello, my name is Elisha and I am incredibly grateful to be your student principle. I believe this student leadership team will create a culture of change for students at The Petchey Academy. I am no longer the same person I was in Year 7 because I was given the space to grow. That’s the legacy I want every student at Petchey to experience, but also a legacy that is ever changing because of the power of ideas. The Student Leadership Team want to emphasise the importance of students being confident in their ideas, because that’s how change starts. Petchey must be a school that offers a unique experience for everyone and must reflect the desire of the students that attend. Petchey not only belongs to present students but to future ones as well, I want to help shape a legacy that can be appreciated by all students of Petchey, and to honour the work done by previous student leadership teams. I want students to be able to take ownership of their Petchey experience, to make it truly theirs. As your student principle I want to champion your idea, to improve your relationship with staff and most importantly guide you to shape Petchey into the best it’s ever been. Together we can make a change.Student Council 2018-19