Sutton House Trip

On Wednesday 23rd May the Year 8 enhanced trip were taken by Miss Feldman and Mr Bussey to Sutton House to visit the shoe exhibition ‘Footnotes’. This was an excitingopportunity for the students to learn how to review an exhibition which was a challenge they rose to with enthusiasm. Once we arrived the students were spoken to by a resident of Sutton house who explained the history behind the house and the shoes. They then set off in pairs with an iPad to create their mindmap reviews. It was amazing to see all the students excited as they explored the house and stretching their current knowledge. 

Gizem - Year 8 - 'Sutton house is a type of art museum from 500 years ago...I really liked the fact that the items looked really cool and I felt weird when I felt something that was almost a thousand years old. I was extemely shocked by the shoe sizes because the top anle part was so small and I could nt belive that peoples legs were so small in the olden days'

Sila - Year 8 - 'It is a tudor house which is the oldest house in Hackney. Inside I saw shoes, tbales, chairs, beds, clothes, kitchen sets and so many other things. I explored the whole house. The best bits were the places we normally dont get to see.

Tanweer Ali- Year 8 - 'In every room there were very old and fragile shoes. They were priceless. The best bits were when we went to the art toom where there were so many paintings.