Talking to your child about their feelings

This week we heard of yet more horrific stabbings in Hackney - another boy died and the other is in hospital. It is shocking news. The ripple effect of these tragic events affects the whole community. Your children may come to you for comfort and reassurance. To be able to give it to them you may need to feel reassured yourself. But how? What does one need to hear after your child’s peer was murdered on the street? 

It may be useful to refrain from saying that - “you will be OK, you are fine you just need to be careful”.

Advice about how to keep oneself safe may be useful after the emotions are processed. Besides, this is most probably something you have advised your child a million times before.

Instead simply try to notice how the child feels about the news: you do not seem bothered; you seem upset; you look unsettled; you seem to look worried - about yourself, your friends, us? , etc... just to open up a conversation about what your child actually feels and thinks. 

At this point you may want to share how you feel. 

Some helpful websites for parents on safety: