Three day netball tournament update

Tuesday 21 November

The Year 9, 10 and 11 team played Netball at home against Clapton School. Unfortunately the Year 9 team from Clapton could not field a side, which means Petchey automatically claim the points. The Year 10/11 team game featured some of our Year 9s due to them missing a game. The match was intense for our Petchey side, which was evident in them being down in the first, second and third quarter.  However, they pulled out a fantastic 5 goal quarter to secure the win. Petchey won 13-10! Woman of the Match: Blanche Toualeu- Nitcheu.

Wednesday 22 November

The Year 9, 10 and 11 netball team played Mossbourne Victoria Park at their school. It was not their best playing performance due silly mistakes across the quarters in both games, but they remained triumphant.

Year 9 Won 22-1. Woman of the Match: Zaira Marin Piedrahita ( for the third game in a row)

Year 10/11 Won 16-9. Woman of the Match: Tamia Cowan 

Thursday 23 November

Today was the final day of a 3 day marathon of netball at The Petchey Academy. The girls have played Clapton, Mossbourne Victoria Park and today the year 9, 10 and 11 Team played Skinners at home. The game was fast paced, tactical and amazing to watch.

The Year 9s Won 10-7. Woman of the Match: Blanche Toualeu-Nitcheu

The Year 10/11s Won 9-7. Woman of the match: Blanche Toualeu-Nitcheu (who is normally a Goal Shooter and played out of position as Goal Keeper)

Congratulations to all the girls on an amazing 3 days of netball.

- Ms Cummings