Trip to Jamies Farm

See below short piece written by Zemanga, Rajat and Jerome:

We had a very good chance to go to Jamies Farm in Monmouth. We were selected by our year leads to give us a boost in our academic curriculum and to build our confidence. The aim was that we would socialise with people we wouldn’t normally talk to. The trip was completely free and funded by the Jack Petchey Foundation, which was really nice because he wanted us to have an experience. The farm gave us clean and healthy food and the staff were really caring, we felt a bit like a family.

When we first arrived, we thought it would be rubbish until we saw the building which looked very modern and homely which made us feel more comfortable. When we started the activities we didn’t feel very brave especially when holding the chickens. Over the time we spent at Jamie’s Farm we were able to get to know new people better and go through challenges together. By the end of it we built a very good bond which continues in the academy.

At Jamie’s Farm, we had a lot of new experiences, for example communicating with people we’d never got to talk to in school and getting over our biggest fears. It was upsetting to leave but there are more sessions planned throughout the year.