What does a CAMHS link worker do…?

Quite a few things actually, but on a day to day basis my role involves attending intervention meetings with students and facilitating consultation sessions with parents and staff.

I am in the school on Tuesdays from 8.30am. Usually the first meeting of the say involves senior school staff meeting to discuss how to support students who need additional input either from school staff or external agencies.  This includes people like Learning Leads (heads of years), attendance officer, students wellbeing manager, SENCo, behavioural leads, Young Hackney and myself.

Students struggle with different things at different times, for instance: low mood; poor attendance, angry outbursts, anxiety, underachievement, poor concentration, hyperactivity, irrational fears, procrastination, preoccupation with family difficulties etc.

Often they get over these problems in a natural, organic way – they simply mature and find better ways of managing.

However, when a student struggles with issues for a prolonged period of time and achieves little or no progress it may mean that the problem is too big for this child to manage it by her/himself. 

Often we realise that for a student to move forward and make a change, family support is needed. Therefore, we ask parents/carers to join forces with us. If appropriate, the young person in question also joins us.

At the end of this first meeting we may come up with actions/ideas/solutions to the identified problem. The solutions need to be tried out and then discussed in subsequent meetings.

At the end of the second meeting we make another action plan. Each person attending the consultation session has a task to complete.

In the third consultation we again evaluate the outcomes of the solutions and then decide whether we achieved a satisfactory outcome – is the problem solved? Is there anything more which needs to be done in school, at home to help the young person?

If, despite people’s efforts to implement solutions and changes, the problematic issue continues we decide what to do next – which outside of school services and agencies could be approached for their specialist help.