We have many visitors to the academy each year but as students travel around the UK and beyond we often receive comments from the people that they meet:

Last night I was sitting in the row behind a group of your pupils at the Royal Court Theatre for a performance of The Poet in Da Corner.

At the end of the show I felt compelled to congratulate one of the young teachers accompanying the group. I hope that you will be able to congratulate the young people too. Their enthusiasm and involvement in the play was wonderful to see. It enhanced my enjoyment of the occasion.

I am a retired teacher and volunteer with the Youth Offending Service and find it so gratifying to see children being nurtured in this way by young teachers.

Well done!

Member of the public, September 2018

Keynote would like to thank you for allowing your students to attend and perform at this year’s GCSE Dance conference on 24th November at The Rock Tower, London.

The standard of the performances was very high and the students were a credit to your school both on and off the stage. Please also thank your Dance department for liaising with us to organise the performances and for working with the dancers to prepare them so well for the day.

We look forward to seeing The Petchey Academy at future conferences.

Keynote Educational

I'm a local resident and I just wanted to get in touch to say that I saw your many of your pupils last night after their prom outside the school. I assume they were year 10 or 11? Anyway, I was really impressed by how they were behaving - they were extremely respectful and good natured; plus they looked fantastic. They are a credit to you and the area.

Local resident, June 2016

Your students are a credit to your school: well behaved, well-mannered and 2 of them even offered to help us as waitresses yesterday morning when we were unsure whether or not our usual waitress was coming in! We've never had teenage students stay before, if we have any in the future we can only hope they are as well behaved and polite as the students from Petchey.

Harwood House B&B (accommodation for Model United Nations competition), March 2015.

Many thanks for today, for bringing your young leaders today. What a great group. I really appreciate your willingness to involve them with us. I was very impressed by how well they took to it and how hard they worked. The kids that attended today's competition seemed to have a great time; which was in good part thanks to the leaders!

- Jack Petchey Foundation Panathlon, January 2015

We would like to extend a huge thank-you for taking the time out of your day to escort your students to last week’s Project Business Master Class. All volunteers involved in the event have expressed their enjoyment of the day and gratitude for the opportunity it gave them to take some time away from their day-to-day activities and give a little back; 100% of the volunteers have stated they would happily assist with the same event again. Petchey Academy students’ enthusiastic participation on the day - which made the event what it was – and congratulations to the well-deserved winning team.

The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, November 2014.

Dear Ms Cole, 
It's not often that I make the effort to contact a school in relation to the behaviour of their respective students, but I felt my experience warrants a short e-mail.

I was walking down Down's Road to collect my car from Volvo and passed four young students in the Petchey Academy uniform waiting at the bus stop. I was pleasantly surprised by their behaviour. They were all very smartly dressed, waiting patiently for the bus, and as I approached them they immediately parted so I could pass. One of the students was even reading a book!

I am continually frustrated by the poor behaviour of school students in East London. Your students are refreshingly different.

Local neighbour, May 2014.

The Mykindacrowd and TCS workshop was a great success at The Petchey Academy! We were really impressed with the how much the group participated and really gave it 100%! The group grasped the tasks well and it was wonderful to see the students enthusiastic and really discussing the work. The students asked intelligent questions and showed real creativity in their devices and app ideas. They worked well under pressure and were able to manage their time effectively to get the tasks done. We were particularly impressed with the presentations at the end and how confidently they spoke about their ideas…a credit to you at Petchey! We thoroughly enjoyed the session and working with such enthusiastic students! We found it really hard to pick a winning team at the end as they all worked so hard and all came up with wonderful ideas…it’s a great dilemma for us to find ourselves in! Well done to all the students!!! Thank you very much from the Mykindacrowd team. You made us feel so welcome and your support throughout the session was very much appreciated!!! We hope that we can return to The Petchey Academy in the near future.

MyKindaCrowd (TCS Computing Careers Workshop, March 2014).

I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed my visit to Petchey Academy. What an unbelievable facility and program. It was such a joy to have the opportunity to dine with the kids and observe the entire operation. We can learn much from your program and I’m anxious to share my experiences with other education leaders here in the U.S. I was really amazed that your dining staff was able to successfully prepare, from scratch, such a delicious meal that kids not only took but ate! I loved your family style service and was again amazed that it actually worked—even with the size of enrolment in your school.

Dr Thornton, Food, Nutrition and Consumer Services, United States Government.

In response to the Hunger Summit, June 2013: 

Thank you so much for inviting me to participate in this amazing event. I felt very refreshed and energized by the event firstly because the kids from both continents were extremely knowledgeable about the subject matter and secondly they were very attentive and engaged. It was exciting to see how much research the kids had done on issues affecting African countries!  For example, I was so thrilled when the British kid representing Kenya talked about how corruption in the country fuels hunger and malnutrition… talk about understanding the political economy of my country!  

The most interesting bit for me was being able to talk kids from two continents at the same time about a subject matter that they all care about. I am delighted that through this process we not only educated the next generation of leaders about issues that matter but also added their voice to the ongoing debate on malnutrition and hunger. Please congratulate your team for this revolutionary approach! It was indeed a great way to get young people involved in our issues and I hope that the wonderful messages coming from the kids will be communicated to the G8 leaders.

Sylvia Mwichuli, AGRA Alliance.

Letter from Lord Low of Dalston following his visit in March 2013.

Dear Ms Olivia Cole,  

I’d like to express my gratitude to you for sparing your precious time for us on this occasion of our visit to your country. I’d also like to thank you for your trouble of finding schools for us to visit, establishing advance contact with us, and helping us with our visit to schools. It was a wonderful learning experience for us to have been able to see the actual classes closely in which the teachers were making united efforts. We were also deeply impressed with the well-prepared curriculum and teaching materials and conscientious instruction. Even to class environment, the teachers seemed to have been devoting great care. We heartily feel respect for their enthusiasm for education as a whole. I’m glad to make our acquaintance and hope to keep good relations with you from now on too.

Kimitsugu Sukugawa, Educational Study Group of Japan.

Community Cohesion

We have a major part to play in promoting community cohesion and therefore we are currently providing a range of services and activities beyond the school day to help meet the needs of our students, their families and the wider community.

The Petchey Academy works together with the local community to identify and implement action, based on mutual respect and understanding of diverse cultures and contributions.

Providing excellent leisure and learning opportunities that may lead to personal and social development through the academy superb facilities - including our new state-of-the-art gym which is now open for community membership.

If you represent an organisation wishing to discuss using our facilities, or developing community links please send an email to mail@petcheyacademy.org.uk.