What to do when you feel distressed or overwhelmed?


What to do if you are worried about your teenager’s mental health?

·First consult your GP. Doctors often help parents to refer their children to Children and
Adolescents Mental Health Service (CAMHS).

You may also talk to your child’s Year Lead. Schools may also directly refer to CAMHS. The
Year Lead may point you in the direction of other services like First Step, Off-Centre, Young
Hackney and others.

If you are worried that the mental health of your child has seriously deteriorated or s/he is in
distress and needs urgent support, please contact the local CAMHS on 0203 2225600. Out of
hours, please contact your GP or the local Emergency Department (999) or the Crisis Line 0208 4328020.

The help is there. Do not hesitate to reach out.