One of the top reasons that our students give for choosing to come to our sixth form is high quality pastoral care, guidance and support structure from our sixth form team. Daily seminar time with academic tutors and small class sizes mean that students are extremely well supported by tutors that know them well.

From our close links with Bloomberg to the Career Ready, Envision and Young Enterprise programmes,  plus award winning careers provision - one of the other reasons that students choose to study here is the huge range of extra-curricular and CV-enhancing opportunities that our students are exposed to. Students at Petchey are encouraged to enhance their academic qualifications and learn new skills that make them ultimately more attractive to prospective employers or universities. We are particularly proud of our Bloomberg Robotics and Medical Enhanced programmes which offer tailored support for students wishing to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, maths and medical science.

I stayed at the Petchey Sixth form because I believed  that there was going to be all the support available for me here. The leads made it very clear that the sixth form was not only academic, but that there are so many extracurricular opportunities  available. As well as this, I knew that the sixth form would be a new journey for me to commence on. I wanted to take on this opportunity with open hands, with the hope that I could grow and become a bigger and better person. I also knew, that although many people tried to pull me away from Petchey, that it would be down to me to make the most of my sixth form experience, to get the grades I wanted and make the most of the atmosphere, the support and the amazing career opportunities available.

Fauziah Shahan, Year 12