Year 7 Young Language Leaders teaching Spanish at local primaries

Over the past 2 weeks the year 7 Young Language Leaders have visited both Colvestone and Parkwood Primary schools to teach their Spanish lessons. The Petchey students have spent the last 10 weeks preparing their lessons on topics such as food, sports and animals and have had to put their Spanish knowledge to the test. The first visit was to Colvestone School and the Young Language Leaders had their first experience of teaching a room of year 3 or 4 students. They gained confidence as the lessons went on and the Colvestone students were really keen to participate. The second visit was to Parkwood Primary school where the students taught like pros. They were confident, organised and had a captive audience. The Young Language Leaders were really impressed with the Parkwood students’ level of Spanish. The Young language leaders showed true leadership skills, team work and initiative. Special thanks to Ms Tong and Ms Kuffour for their support with the visits.

Ms Drucker