Year 7 lead their own assembly

7 Saunders 1 took on the challenge of being the first Year 7 tutor group to present their own student led assembly. The theme was road safety and the students were superb in their engagement in the planning and the final presentation of the assembly.

We began with a short story from Waseem, Lily, Esra and Eliza, making us all think about the consequences of not being safe and sensible on the street. Next came some facts presented by Sotiria, Albena, Tasnim, Somto, Mohammed and ably assisted by Ephraim. Students were presented with a fact and had to vote on whether they thought it was true or false before the answer was revealed.

Road Safety Assembly

Finally we had the crowning glory of the assembly where the group first performed, and then taught their road safety rap to the whole of the year group. Sonia, Vanessa, Ajay, Tyrell, Chinedum and Leon-J happily led the group and are shown in the photo. Well done 7Sa1 for being the first group and giving us such a well-planned and delivered experience. We look forward to seeing all of you thrive as Petchey students.

- Miss March and Miss Feldman