Year 9 artists explore the William Morris Gallery

Yesterday the Year 9 Art GCSE class visited the William Morris Gallery in Walthamstow - it was a great success! The experience began by a member of the gallery talking to the students all about William Morris, his work and his house (where the gallery is based). The students were all thoroughly engaged and couldn't wait to explore the work themselves. They eagerly split off into groups with their cameras and clipboards at the ready.

The gallery consisted of nine different rooms each containing different elements about William Morris, his work and the Arts and Craft movement. Through these rooms the students gained knowledge and understanding of the work leading to Gallery 4: The workshop which was full of Morris’ finest work.  Here the students found facts and chose their favourite pieces of work to draw. Soon there was silence from the whole group as they were engrossed in getting the finer details correct.

A huge congratulations goes to the entire group as they were impeccably behaved as noted by both the gallery staff , Miss Feldman, Mr Husain and Ms Devi.

- Miss Feldman