Who's Who?

Find out who's who and who teaches which subjects here:

Strategic Leadership Group

Clare Borrill - Headteacher

Judith Blunden - Deputy Headteacher

Paddy O'Brien - Deputy Headteacher

Richard Vaughan - Deputy Headteacher

If you're not sure who to contact, please email and we will direct your query to the appropriate person. 

Maths & Computing

English Language & Literacy

Craig Goddard - Curriculum Director

Laura Collins – Curriculum Director

Peter Agbakoba - Lead of Computing

Zahra Malik  - KS3 Curriculum Coordinator

Abi Olayinka - Teacher of Maths

Nana Tuffour - KS4 Curriculum Coordinator

Antonia Mcardle - KS3 Curriculum Coordinator

Verity Collins-Smith - KS5 Curriculum Coordinator

Seth Nelson - KS4 Curriculum Coordinator

Lakshmi Patla  - Teacher of English

Rachel Lauderdale - KS5 Curriculum Coordinator

Judith Johnson - Teacher of English

Alistar Charles - Teacher of Maths

Patricia Grey - Teacher of English

Carol Francis - Teacher of Maths

Sandy Da Silva - Teacher of English

Henry Winters - Teacher of Maths

Rachael Durber  - Literacy Leader

Nazmin Islam - Teacher of Maths

Magdalena Siemieniecka - EAL Coordinator

Sonia Khan - Teacher of Maths


Maria Krini - Teacher of Computing


Wayne Smith - Teacher of Computing


Mariam Ahmed - Teacher of Computing & DL  



Languages & EAL

Sarah March – Curriculum Director

Joe Stewart - Curriculum Director (secondment)

Margaret Hallmark - KS3 Curriculum Coordinator

Joe Bensley - Second in Charge of Languages

Joshua Thompson - KS4 Curriculum Coordinator

Victoria Ingrey - Teacher of Spanish

Sunit Patel - KS5 Curriculum Coordinator

Carol Byrne - Teacher of Spanish


Enrique de Los Angeles- Teacher of Spanish

Tanzy Choudhury - Teacher of Science


Shakeelah Rahman - Teacher of Science


James Marshall - Teacher of Science  







The Arts & Sport

Barnaby Frost - Second in Charge of Geography

Richard Woodhall – Curriculum  Director of Arts/Sport (mat cover)

Lauren Collman - Subject Leader of R.S.& PSHCE

Ruaridh Hudson  - Second in Charge of PE

Amy Thurgood - Second in Charge of R.S.& PSHCE

Alex Iakoncic - Teacher of PE

Waseem Harun -Teacher of  R.S.& PSHCE


Conor Anand Shaw- Subject Leader for History

Samuel Mills - Teacher of PE

Ben Wooding - Teacher of History

Laura Wallage  - Subject Leader of Art & Design

Sarah Mulleadly - Teacher of Geography

Cedric Johnson - Teacher of Art & Technology

Masuma Madaser - Teacher of Geography

Thomas Janvrin - Subject Leader of Performing Arts

Eleanor Kemp - Second in Charge of History

Tilly Gravener - Teacher of Drama


Culture and Enterprise

Learning Support Assistants

Amy Fisher - Subject Leader of  Social Sciences

Genevieve Speed

Fatima Ezzouek -  Subject Leader for  DT


Enuvie Orere - Teacher of Food & DT

Iolanda Maltese

Michelle Prescott- Teacher of Food & DT

Ishmail Salad

Alicia Cushnie - Teacher of DT

Jakir Ahmed

Andria Christodolou - Teacher of Social Sciences

Jamal Agard

Andrea Smith -Teacher of Social Sciences

Lily Jaffa

Shantene Thompson- Teacher of Social Sciences

Sacha Morris

Sarah Wilkes - Teacher of Economics

Shakkir Kamali

Michael Hamner- Teacher of Business

Urszula Helwak

Mark Sutcliffe - DT Technician

Valarie Osei-Kuffour

Ana Gelinska - Art Technician

Vanetta Odame-Kwarteng