Applying to Sixth Form

Internal Applications:

APPLY NOW FOR A PLACE IN SEPTEMBER 2022 (Internal Students)Deadline - 25th February

Students must access with their Petchey Email Account. 

External Students:

APPLY NOW FOR A PLACE IN SEPTEMBER 2022 (External Students Only)

We welcome applications from external students whose predicted grades meet the criteria below. Prospective students will be invited to interviews in spring 2022.


Admissions Criteria





3 A Level subjects

8 x 5+ grades including English and Maths, with grade 6 in the subjects you wish to study


Extended Diploma BTEC (equivalent to 3 A Levels), including one day a week industry work experience

6 or more 9-5 grades including English and Maths




Admission appeals to our Sixth Form

In the event that your application to our Sixth Form is not successful, parents/carers of the applicant should complete the form below AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Before appealing you should carefully consider whether the problems you/your child will face, if they do not join our Sixth Form, would be greater than the problems caused for the school by an extra sixth form student.

You should also consider what evidence you can produce to convince the Appeal Panel to award a place even though they may find that the sixth form is full.

When considering whether to appeal, it is important that you are aware that although the law allows you the opportunity to appeal against the admission decision, it does not give you/your child the right to a place at a particular sixth form. There is no guarantee that your appeal will be successful. If you are appealing, you should make arrangements for an alternative sixth form place in case your appeal is unsuccessful. Accepting a place at another sixth form does not affect your right to appeal.

Click here to complete the Sixth Form Appeals Form