Our Specialism and Partnerships

The academy specialises in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), as well as health, care and medical science in the Sixth Form.

We run a continuous programme of STEM related events across the year aimed at developing students' skills in these areas whilst also inspiring them with the wide range of career opportunities that they can open up. Many of the activities on our STEM programme also give students the chance to collaborate with their peers in teams creating business ideas and project plans, essential skills for later in life.

Our annual programme run by dedicated STEM Lead and Assistant Vice Principal, Sarah March, includes exciting, and often unique initiatives such as a biorobotics programme in conjunction with the Institute for Engineering and Technology; the Faraday Challenge; Mission To Mars; The Petchey Egg Drop; Lego Robotics; a trip to Centre of the Cell at QMU, and an annual Robotics trip to New York to compete in an international competition sponsored by Bloomberg. We're extremely proud that this year our team came 8th in this prestigious competition.

"I want to sincerely thank you for sharing the amazing Sarah March, her incredible supporting staff and her stellar pupils with us here at the Science Museum.  Their visit on 13th February saw them working on a special project in our new Medicine Galleries.  All of the Petchey students displayed curiosity, engagement, patience and positivity as they took part in the project. We at the Science Museum are impressed with Petchey Academy, with your STEM focus and with your robotics programme.  Yours is the perfect school to be part of this project. Thank you Petchey Academy!"

Laurel Mackie, Content Programmer - Science Museum

We regularly partner with the IET, South Bank University, the University of East London, QMU and many more to provide inspirational speakers and organise educational visits that bring our specialism to life.

Sixth Form students can also choose to be part of our Medical Enhanced Programme which includes visits to teaching hospitals such as Kings College,  work experience opportunities with local GPs, visiting speakers, ethics debates, GAP Medics and, crucially, specialist training for the UKCAT and BMAT interviews.


Our long standing partnership with Bloomberg exposes students to the world of media, computing and finance, as well as provides mentoring opportunities.

Every student gets to visit the prestigious offices of Bloomberg in the City in Year 7, and again in Year 10, previous visits to the City have also included taking part in a Wikipedia Editathon.

Bloomberg Robotics

Bloomberg also sponsors our robotics team in the annual First Robotics League international competition which gives students the opportunity to develop their enterprise skills, building and programming a robot in a team.

The student team is divided into a fundraising team to generate enough money to make the robot and pay for travel to the arena in the New York, a media team to promote the robot, engineers to design and build the robot, as well as a team of programmers to develop the code to make the robot move. The 2019 team did better than ever this year competing with "The Beast" and had an amazing time.

You can see all of their photos on Instagram @petcheyacademy_robotics