Key Stage 3

In KS3 we adopt a thematic approach to learning which is linked to our specialism (Health Care, Medical Science & STEM) to embed learning across the curriculum.

Our curriculum at KS3 is extended through our enhanced programme which provides our KS3 students with opportunities to learn additional Languages and be involved with a wide range of experiences, this programme also supports our KS4 students to focus on core learning. The seven Learning Powers are introduced from Year 7. 

At the end of semester 1, the Languages Subject Area will decide which students take up a second language and which students have an additional hour of Spanish.

Maths and Science will support the teaching of Computing.

Enhanced (Weds p7) and Expressive Arts (3 hours) add to the breadth of the curriculum.

The Explore curriculum (4 hours) is designed to support students with low literacy on entry to the academy to "close the gap" by KS4. This is taught through integrated humanities skills and knowledge with an explicit literacy focus.

Click on the links below for an overview of the topics studied across the year for each subject.