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Black History Month Celebrations

News ‐ 21 Nov 2019

October marks Black History Month, founded to recognise the contributions that people of African and Caribbean backgrounds have made to this country over many generations.

The academy celebrated Black History Month in a variety of ways including performances from our choir and drama students, staff Masterchef and traditional dress day. During October our Student Principals Renedi and Gabriella also addressed assemblies on the theme, talking about the importance of celebrating Black History not just in Britain but all over the world, and what it means to them. Students also enjoyed special showings of influential films such as Black Panther and Hidden Figures.

Staff Masterchef was enormous fun! Year 9 students came up with the menu and staff were put in to pairs and asked to create their own interpretations of dishes including mac ‘n’ cheese, tropical fruit meringues and pounded yam and vegetable soup.