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#Haters Knife Crime Workshops

News ‐ 10 Dec 2019

#Haters education programme is a film and drama-based programme targeted at teenagers and young adults to explore the impact of urban regeneration on communities and on the young people who live in them.

Year 9 students watched a 20 minute film adaptation of #Haters followed by a debate and drama-based activities designed to  encourage active citizenship, prevent violent crime and develop critical skills.

In 2015  the stage production #Haters  was created through interviews and workshops with Hackney residents in response to a real incident:  a social housing tenant from a housing estate in Hackney was stabbed in his shoulder and retreated into a newly opened bar in the area to run away from his assailants. After calling emergency services, the management tweeted a picture of the young man’s blood on the floor with the hashtag: #welcometohackney. The incident became case in point for the repercussions of regeneration in one of the poorest areas in the UK. Social media and tabloids fuelled the hate. #Haters was written to offer a fair representation of both side of the story, hoping to foster communication in this broken community. 

Read more about #Haters and watch the trailer here