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History visit to Cambridge Archives by Ms Walker

News ‐ 25 Feb 2020

Today I had the pleasure of taking a group of History and Politics students to the Churchill College Archives. They started the day with a session explaining the history of the archives and some different historical viewpoints on the use and significance of archive material to the historian. They then were able to interact with displays laid out on Thatcher and Churchill and the students provided excellent insights when selecting their own items of interest and presenting them to the group. They were able to enter the archives themselves and see how they were temperature and humidity controlled. They got to see a half smoked cigar from Churchill and Thatchers stuffed toy cat which guarded her door at 10 Downing Street. The afternoon was spent learning the different chemical properties of paper and the challenges involved in its preservation. They also had the opportunity to repair some tears in archive material using Japanese paper techniques. 

Ms Walker, Lead in History