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Year 7 Beatboxers rise to the challenge

News ‐ 9 Dec 2020

I was walking around at lunchtime, getting to know my delightful Year 7s when I saw a group of them in a huddle by one of the benches beat boxing.

So I stood there a minute listening and realised how extremely talented they were in making music and how much fun they were having as a friendship group.

That is when I set them a challenge to create 3 beats for them to peform and film. They were really excited to take part as they had just been doing it for fun and now had some direction. I spoke to Miss Hardiman who kindly said she would help support them with microphones, instruments and a amp  to help them develop their sounds.

The Year 7s were over moon with the opportunity and practised every day during their break and lunch.

I would like to point out that they have created these amazing sounds completely on their own and without any incentive besides wanting to be creative and showcase their talents.

I am extremely proud of each and every one of them for working collaboratively as a Year 7 family, stepping out their comfort zone and showcasing an immense amount of skill in a small amount of time.

Thank You Miss Hardiman for allowing the students to be creative with your precious equipment.

Thank you Miss Gilkes for supporting them as an Academic tutor, and coming to watch them perform.

Thank you Miss Andrews for filming the year 7s.

Miss Cummings, Year 7 Progress & Achievement Lead