Cambridge Archives Trip

26 Feb 2020 07:50 - 17:27 Cambridge University

This educational visit will be an opportunity for History and Politics students to have first-hand experience looking at Historical sources in the Churchill College Archives. The day will have a particular focus on the Thatcher Papers, which consist of one million documents, in three thousand archive boxes, across three hundred metres of shelving – and which capture one of the most significant eras in twentieth century politics.

The day will include a workshop based on the Thatcher Papers which is specifically designed to fit into the content of the A-Level Edexcel History course and which will greatly complement the work done by the Politics students. There will also be a tour of the archives and a further session which will be focused on wider academic skills.

Students will be travelling on the train and will need to meet at the academy gates at 7.50am sharp in order to catch the required train at Tottenham Hale. Lunch can be purchased from a number of shops as we walk through Cambridge town centre, or students can bring their own packed lunch, any students who usually received free school meals can request a school packed lunch on the return slip. We will be catching the 4.20pm train on the return which will arrive at Tottenham Hale at 5.27pm. Students can either make their own way home from there or return to the academy with a member of staff.