Year 10 mock exams

Important Announcement ‐ 6 Jun 2022

Dear Parent/Carer 

As you will be aware, Year 10 students will sit their first set of mock exams beginning Monday 20th June. These will be formal exams sat in the sports hall to replicate the experience of taking GCSEs. To support the students there will be English, Maths and Science revision sessions taking place on the days detailed below from 3.10 – 4pm. All students are invited to attend these sessions which will be focused on preparing students for the exam experience.

  • English – Monday 13th
  • Science – Wednesday 8th, Wednesday 15th
  • Maths – Thursday 9th, Thursday 16th  

The exam timetable is below and also available on this link:


Monday 20th June

Tuesday 21st June

Wednesday 22nd June

Thursday 23rd June

Friday 24th June

Monday 27th June

Tuesday 28th June

Wednesday 29th June

Thursday 30th June

Monday 4th July


English Language

RS 1.45

GCSE Food prep 1.30
GCSE comp sci 1.30
Btec Digital info 1hr
Sociology 1.45
Health and social 1hr
GCSE PE 1.30
Btec sport 1hr

Science (Biology) 1.10/1.45

Geography 1.30

Science (chemistry) 1.10/1.45

Spanish 1.45 Arabic 1.45
Mandarin 1.45
Travel and tourism 1.30

Drama drop down

Art Drop down/Drama recording

Science (Physics) in science lessons


GCSE Business 1.30
Btec Business 
Music 1.30
DT 1hr 
Psychology 1.30

Maths non-calculator

History 1.20

English literature


Maths Calculator 1.30

Hospitality and Catering

Drama drop down

Art Drop down



To support students with completing individual revision over the half term teachers have provided study lists for students available on this link


For the exam students will require the following equipment: 

  • Clear pencil case
  • Black ball point pens
  • HB pencil
  • Scientific calculator
  • Ruler
  • Maths set (for maths exam)
  • Clear water bottle with no label

Thank you for your support in preparing students for the upcoming exams


Kind Regards

Sarah March

Science Curriculum Director