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New Families Handbook

The information on this page tells you everything you need to know if your child is starting at the academy, from how to pay for lunch and what students should bring with them, to what time each lesson starts.

New Year 7 students joining the academy in September 2020 will also receive a copy of our New Student Welcome Pack which answers some of the questions they might have about their new school.

Click here to download the New Student Welcome Pack.

Parents and Carers - click on the links below for more information on each topic

Before your child starts at the academy, all students and parents/carers sign the Home Academy Agreement.

Click here to see the Home Academy Agreement.

Keeping in touch

The Petchey Academy is committed to enabling you to support your child and maintaining this two way dialogue throughout your child’s time with us. We hold Regular Parents' Workshops on issues such as Online Safety, PSHE, Revision and Mental Health, so keep an eye on our Events Calendar  for forthcoming dates.

We do expect parents and carers to have active involvement in their child's education and make every attempt to attend important events such as Parents' Evenings.We are also aiming to redue the amount of paper we use at the academy so as far as possible all communication will be via email. Therefore it is essential that we hold at least 2 current email addresses and emergency contact mobile phone numbers for every child.

We are very keen to involve parents and carers in academy life as  much as we possibly can in order to support their child's learning as well getting involved in activities and events within the academy.

Click here for Parents Evening and other important academy dates.

We send out a weekly parents' newsletter every Friday containing important information, forthcoming dates and the latest news from the academy.

We also regularly share photos, useful links and resources via Twitter and Facebook, from how to support your child with everything from mental health to revision techniques. 

We're always keen to hear from parents and carers about what issues they would like us to hold information sessions and workshops on, and how else we can help parents and carers to support their children so please email  with any suggestions, requests or questions. 

Daily timetable

Academy opens                                         7.45am
Breakfast Club                                           7.45-8.15am
All students on site                                    8.20am
Morning Line-Up                                        8.20am-8.30am
Period 1                                                     8.30am-9.25am
Period 2                                                     9.25am-10.20am
Seminar                                                    10.20am-10.40am
Break                                                        10.40am-10.55am
Period 3                                                    10.55am-11.50am
Period 4 & Year 7, 8 + 9 Lunch                 11.50am-12.45pm
Period 5 & Year 10 + 11 Lunch                 12.45pm-1.40pm
Period 6                                                     1.40pm-2.35pm
Period 7                                                     2.35pm-3.30pm (4pm on Weds)
Clubs/Impact Hour/PALS                           3.30pm – 6.00pm

Home Learning & Student Planners

Home Learning (‘homework’) reinforces the learning done during lessons, helps
students to develop independent learning skills and encourages wider reading around
a subject. 
The academy sets Home Learning for all students each week. Students must record
all of their Home Learning in their Planner and parents should check and sign the
Planner each week.

Show my homework logo
Teachers set home learning online on Show My Homework

Teachers set home learning online on Show My Homework

Teachers set home learning online on Show My Homework

Teachers set home learning online on Show My Homework
Teaching staff set home learning on Show My Homework - an online tool to which all students and parents have access. 

There is also a mobile app available to download
which can be found on the App/Play Store.

Click here to access Show My Homework

Show My Homework enables parents to see what Home Learning has been set for their child and any upcoming deadlines, plus whether or not it has been completed.

There is an expectation that parents check the quality and presentation of Home
Learning. Students will be sanctioned if they don’t complete their work. Parents should
feel free to communicate via the planner or by email to the teacher if their child finds
the work particularly challenging.

Home Learning Club

We have a Home Learning Club in the Library from 3.30-4.30pm every day for
students who would like a quiet, supervised place in which to complete their
home learning.

Clubs, trips & extra-curricular activities

Alongside all the free extra-curricular clubs provided by the academy, throughout the year students will have the opportunity to participate in a range of trips that support the curriculum such as theatre and museum visits and trips to the Bloomberg offices.

By accepting a place at the academy, all parents also give permission for their child to go on educational visits that occur within the academy day. If an educational visit occurs outside of the school day, or requires a financial contribution from parents, students will be require parental permission.

If a trip has a cost associated with it, this will be payable via ParentPay. Please note that students whose lunch account is in arrears may not be allowed to go on certain trips.

The range of free clubs available to students varies each year and students will have the opportunity to find out what's on and when at the start of their first semester.

Read more about our clubs here.

Music lessons

We offer a wide variety of musical instrument lessons provided by external teaching staff. Lessons can be paid for via Parentpay and must be paid for inadvance. Further information on lesson availability will be shared at the Year 6 New Parents Information Evening in June.

Uniform guidelines 

Equipment list

Reporting absence & requesting leave


Medical conditions & prescription medication

Do we have the most up to date contact information for you?

Schools are by law required to have at least 2 contact telephone numbers and email addresses for every child so that we can contact you in case of an emergency.We’re trying to reduce the amount of paper we use at the academy and we communicate primarily via email and text message, so please ensure we have the most up to date contact information for you and your child. Please remember to let us know if you change address too.

Click here to tell us about a change of contact details