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Supporting every student

In these times of unprecedented change, the health, wellbeing and safety of our students is paramount, and we are proud of the caring and supportive environment that the academy provides.

We create a healthy balance between high academic success and a caring and supportive environment.

Click on the link below to access our Student Wellbeing Hub where you can find all the information shared in our regular Supporting Student Wellbeing & Mental Health meetings for parents and carers.

Student Wellbeing Hub

Our pastoral care system is specifically designed to address every individual child’s wellbeing through dedicated Progress & Achievement Leaders (PALS) and Assistant PALS (APALS) who are responsible for supporting the welfare of their year group, as well as managing students’ attendance and overall behaviour. Students are also assigned to a Form Tutor who they meet with in Tutor Time at the start of every day. Tutors use daily Tutor Time to reflect on individual attainment, attendance and behaviour, as well as discussions on PSHCE (Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education), careers and topical issues. We also have a dedicated Student Wellbeing Manager, Home Academy Liaison Officer and Behaviour Intervention Manager as well as on site counsellors and Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service Professionals each week for tailored support for young people who need it.


Form Tutors also provide a point of contact for parents and carers at the academy.

Students who think they may need counselling should first get in touch with their Tutor or drop in to the so that appropriate forms of support can be identified.

If your child’s situation is more serious and causing you to worry about their physical or psychological health you should contact your GP. In an emergency you should seek immediate help from the emergency services.

Drop-in is for students who have questions or concerns about their own wellbeing, and anyone concerned about the wellbeing of students. The drop-in facility is intended for brief, informal and confidential discussions which may be all that is needed: if further support or help is required the Student Welfare Manager will assist students to access other services.

Students who are unable to attend the drop-in can request a referral to the School Doctor or School Nurse. The Student Welfare Manager would be very happy to make the referral for you.

If a student’s situation is more serious and causing worry about physical or psychological health, the parents /carers should contact their GP. In an emergency immediate help should be sought from the emergency services.



Students who think that counselling may be needed are invited to first of all get in touch with their Academic Tutor or drop in to the Student Welfare Manager so that appropriate forms of support can be identified.

Students, who know for sure that counselling is the support they need, are invited to either email Ms Ferguson, Student Welfare Manager, or come to the drop in.

Short-term counselling is provided by trained, qualified and competent counsellors.


External & Out Of Hours Support

Visit Young Hackney Advice Page:

Young Hackney offers lots of advice for young people on everything from health and staying safe to relationships and careers.

Visit Childline Site:

ChildLine is a private and confidential service allowing you to talk to trained counsellors about any problem you may be facing.

You can call them for free, at any time, on 0800 1111. What you say to a counsellor stays between you and ChildLine. If you prefer, you can also email or chat 1-2-1 to get advice.

Visit Family

Family Lives provides parents/carers with self-help information on a range of issues.

Visit Students Against Depression Site

Visit NHS Site - NHS out-of-hours services - NHS


A helpline service run for students by students:

Visit NiteLine Site


Visit CHYPS Site City and Hackney Young People’s Service is a service for young people between the age of 11-19 offering advice and support.

Visit CHYPS Site 


You are not alone, and while friends can be a really good source of advice, guidance and support, please be reassured that there is a network of guidance and support services available to you and for you at school.

Our dedicated Student Welfare Manager and Safeguarding team are always available for students in need of additional support and guidance. We are also committed to empowering parents and carers to support their child through the sharing of information and resources, as well as regular parent workshops on topical issues.

Students with SEND or who experience barriers to learning are supported through tailored intervention from the Renaissance Team to ensure that they take full advantage of all the learning opportunities and experiences available and participate fully in the life of the academy.