Catering Provision

The Academy's Catering Provision


Healthy Packed Lunch

In response to parent, carers and student feedback I am delighted to inform you that we will be allowing students to bring a (healthy) cold packed lunch to the Academy. Students will have the flexibility to purchase a hot meal if they wish or bring a cold packed lunch. Please note that food cannot be heated up for students at the Academy.

Please note the following items must not be brought into the Academy: 

  • Nuts (to safeguard those with allergies - we are a nut free school)
  • Fizzy drinks and energy drinks
  • Sweets and chocolate bars

Academy Meals (£2.50) paid for in advance

Our menu is published on the Academy website, a week in advance and our current provision supports a choice of either:

  1. A hot meal with a dessert (the meat is certified Halal)
  2. A vegetarian hot option with dessert
  3. A jacket potato with a choice of fillings and a dessert

Academy meals must be paid for in advance. We are a cashless school and therefore we will continue to use Parent Pay to pay for meals. Students will need money in their account in order to purchase food from the Academy.

For students in receipt of Free School Meals, accounts will be topped up automatically. 

As we will be using cashless catering tills at the point of purchase, parents and carers will only be charged when their child purchases a meal.

Breakfast Club

A free breakfast is available to all students every morning in the Refectory from 7.25 -8.00 am, including fruit juice, cereal and a piece of fruit.


This week's menu - w/c 27th November 2023

Lunch Menu w/c 27th Nov 23




How to top up your ParentPay account - a guide for parents/carers

ParentPay parent support

Please download the request form below or email

If you need any further advice or assistance please contact the Academy's central office on 0207 275 1500.


Inspection date: July 2022

We review our suppliers regularly to ensure they conform to the high standards of the academy and maintain our excellent service. Following on from our 5 star grading by the Food Standards Agency, we have now increased our minimum standards to state that all meat and poultry providers must have a minimum of a 4 star EHO rating. 

 Our meat is certified Halal supplied by The Middlesex Meat Company.


Catering Breaktime Letter 04.02.22

Catering Letter