Deaf & HIP Support

Welcome to the Petchey Deaf Support Base

At the Deaf Support Base all deaf and hearing-impaired students will have equal opportunity to learn, to socialise, to thrive and influence not only their learning environment, but also the world around them.  The Resource Base will cater for students with an EHCP (or deaf students without an EHCP) who wish to attend and access the benefits of The Petchey Academy. The Deaf Support Base is part of our Renaissance team; our inclusion team for behavioural and learning differences. We work to remove the barriers to learning.

Communication PolicyJeanette Alexis
Teacher of the Deaf

We are an auditory oral provision with a focus on developing spoken and written English, vocabulary and grammar.  This is achieved through full access to mainstream classes, a qualified teacher of the deaf (TOD), specialist TA and targeted speech and language therapy to meet the individual needs of each student. As required the TOD will provide pre and post teaching for mainstream subjects and English language development.

We aim to:

  • Ensure that each student makes the best use of residual hearing through the use of hearing aids, radio aids and soundfield systems
  • Develop independence in the use and maintenance of equipment
  • Develop students who are able to make their needs known
  • Ensure a rich language environment
  • Provide the best possible acoustic environment for continuing to develop listening skills and language development


Each morning before school students are expected to attend the resource base to check that hearing aids, speech processors and radio aids are working properly.  We maintain a small amount of spare equipment and are fortunate to have the Hackney Ark on our doorstep.  Hackney Ark provides a termly mold clinic. Students are responsible for handing appropriate equipment to classroom teachers. 


Students are fully integrated into the life of The Petchey Academy, being part of a seminar group and attending mainstream classes.  Students are only be withdrawn from mainstream classes in order to reinforce any work which may be unclear in their mainstream classes or to access specialist language teaching.

Parents and students have access to all the provisions special to The Petchey Academy. This includes a comprehensive programme of after school clubs and workshops (from signing to trampolining). Regular communication with parents about the curriculum and academy events. Before and after school provision available. All mainstream teachers have training on deaf awareness and curriculum delivery skills.


Our auditory oral provision

In class / Curriculum:
  • Pre and post-teaching with Teacher of the Deaf
  • Personalised timetables either fully integrated into mainstream with specialist support or mixed intervention and mainstream.
  • Dedicated PSHE lesson, direct teaching of social skills
Social times:
  • Reading room (for conversation)
  • Library for silent reading
  • Football on the Astro turf
  • Quiet zone in the playground, round table
  • Round tables for lunch to support lip reading
Before and after-school:
  • Breakfast club (hearing peers invited)
  • Homework support (hearing peers invited)
  • Access to Teacher of The Deaf
Parent communication:
  • Mainstream tutor
  • Teacher of the deaf (direct line and email provided)
  • Parent portal / show my home-learning
  • Weekly curriculum outline letter
  • Semesterly coffee morning
  • Soundfield system in lessons and assembly
  • Acoustically treated classrooms
  • Personal FM system
  • Monitored on a daily basis, minor repairs on site
  • Access to the Hackney Ark
  • Teacher of the Deaf
  • Trained teaching assistants (Maths, English, Science, Explore, 1:1 as needed)
  • Speech and language therapy onsite
  • Specialists as required (Physiotherapy, Occupational Health, Audiologist, School Nurse, School Doctor)