Literacy Intervention & Dyslexia

Literacy is a vital part of the curriculum at The Petchey Academy.

All Subject Areas promote literacy skills by focussing on key vocabulary, ways to understand and analyse text, effective proof reading and re-drafting of written work. 

Our well-stocked library, author visits and events such as World Book Day and ‘A Winter’s Tale’ all instil in Petchey students a love of reading. Ms Kirk, our librarian, is always on hand to make hand-picked recommendations to students. All students are expected to carry a reading book of their choice and discuss what they are reading in seminar sessions. 

The Academy relies on parents to support with reading and literacy with their child at home. We offer guidance on how to do this at Parents’ Evenings throughout the year. We also carefully track students by conducting reading age tests, which allow students who may be falling behind to receive support and intervention.


The Petchey Academy offers a personalised educational intervention support for students who have been identified as showing signs of Specific Learning Difficulties (Dyslexia).

The academy supports students with an intervention and support plan in order to  allow them to progressively support them with their literacy needs. By working with the students on a 1:1 provision or in small groups, the teaching is adapted to the student’s needs and it enables them to grow in confidence. Students also receive support once in KS4 and 5 by benefiting from access arrangements for national exams. Their needs are supported by holistic approach where specialist teachers and teachers work together in meeting the needs of the students with Specific Learning Difficulties.