Post 16 Results

We are very proud of our 20/21 Cohort who like many faced difficulties through covid.  Despite this, they continued to achieve great results and were able to move on to their next destination after Petchey. 

The Petchey Academy A-Level Results 2021

  • 82% of students going on to higher education or apprenticeships

  • 58.18% of our students awarded  A*-B grades  in one or more of their subjects 

  • 31% of students awarded A*-A grades in their subjects

  • 28% of students attend a  Russell Group university including Queen Mary’s, Glasgow, Warwick and Manchester University.

  • 14 BTEC students achieved a Distinction level, equivalent to 3 A*-A grades

  • 5 A-Level Students achieved 3A*-B grades

 We are very proud of the diverse courses that our Alumni applied for and successfully were accepted for.  See below some of the Universities and courses the 20/21 students were accepted to. 

University Course
Imperial College London Aeronautical Engineering
King's College London

Computer Science

Nursing with Registration as a Children's Nurse

Midwifery with Registration as a Midwife

Queen Mary’s University

Engineering with Foundation

Mechanical Engineering

Aerospace Engineering

Computer Science

Business Management


Accounting and Finance

SOAS University of London


Accounting and Finance



Statistics, Economics and Finance


University of Exeter Law
University of Glasgow



University of Warwick

Biomedical Science with Placement Year

Philosophy and Literature

Middlesex University

Sport and Exercise Science

Business Management (Marketing)


Cyber Security and Digital Forensics

Sport and Exercise Science (Physical Education and Coaching)

Psychology with Counselling Skills

Nottingham Trent University

Psychology with Counselling

Nursing (Mental Health)

Computer Science

Media and Film & TV

Business Management and Entrepreneurship

Business Management (Accelerated)

Motorsport Engineering

University of Kent International Business with a year in Industry



The Petchey Academy A-Level results 2019

  • 100% of our Y13 students achieved at least 3 A Levels or equivalent qualifications
  • 21% of students achieved all A*-A grades or equivalent
  • 39% of our students achieved 3A*-B grades or equivalent
  • 10 BTEC students achieved at Distinction level, equivalent to 3 A*-A grades
  • 46% of students going on to higher education will study at a Russell Group university including Queen Mary’s, Liverpool, Glasgow, Warwick and Manchester University.
  • 44% of students are going on to study our STEM specialism subjects such as biomedicine, maths, astrophysics and computer science.                                                 

In 2019 we saw a significant improvement in the performance of all the A Level Sciences alongside positive and/or improved Value-Added scores in a range of subjects, notably Psychology, Maths and Chemistry. We also saw a very strong performance in our Pre-U subjects Economics and History (a rigorous academic course designed to challenge students), and we are extremely pleased that so many of our BTEC students achieved top marks again this year, demonstrating how strong this area is at the Academy.

University isn’t the right career pathway for every student so 5 of this year's cohort are going on to do apprenticeships which include placements in finance and with the RAF.