Medical Conditions & Prescription Medication

The academy is able to provide support to students with medical conditions, short or
long term, relating to either physical or mental health. The Student Welfare Manager, with the help of a visiting School Nurse, will organise and oversee the care of any students with medical needs along with other first aid trained staff who can also administer prescription medicines to students as advised by GPs.

We work jointly with the school nursing service and specialist providers to ensure all
students are given the support needed in order to be able to access appropriate full-time education. To support student wellbeing and mental health the academy has a full time counselling support service which students can access through a referral. We are also able to signpost specialist support towards students and their families as appropriate.

If your child needs to take medication (either temporarily or as part of a long term health care plan) or is required to have medicine available for use in emergencies (for example, asthma inhalers, insulin or allergy epi-pens) please contact our Student Wellbeing Manager (0207 275 1516) to discuss this further. We will work to put in place an individual healthcare plan.

Any medicine brought into the academy must be contained in a clear tupperware container, labelled with the students’ name. This will be stored in our Treatment Room. We try to work around lesson times for administering medication so please be aware of this when setting a schedule:
Break: 10.40-10.55
Lunch: 12.40-1.30
Y12&13: around individual timetables

When students take part in residential educational visits, additional copies of the medicine will need to be provided in a sealed plastic box, with clearly labelled instructions.

The School Nurse is available once per month, based in the Treatment Room. You can book an appointment to see the school nurse directly or through Ms Ferguson.

The School Doctor is a Consultant Pediatrician and is on rotation to each school. The current school Doctor for the Academy is Dr Briony Arrowsmith.