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Dear Sports Club members and hirers,

The Sports Club is currently closed for the duration of the school summer holidays and will reopen again in early September. This will allow us to deep clean our equipment and put in to place the necessary hygiene protocols and track and trace to enable us to reopen safely for both members and staff. Members will be contacted as soon as we have a confirmed reopening date.

The health and safety of our people and our members is our number one priority. We are continuously monitoring the situation and will keep you all updated on any developments relating to our clubs and memberships. During the time the club is closed we will be automatically freezing all memberships, with no fee to pay until the clubs re-open. We will automatically reinstate club memberships when the clubs re-open unless you wish to cancel. Cancellations must be made writing to the person below.

We will credit your membership account with any freeze fees you have already paid relating to the period of closure, and will also credit you with any pro-rata membership fees already paid for the period from 21 to 31 March. This credit will be applied automatically once your club re-opens and your membership is active. There is no need for you to do anything - we will take care of all the administration of this. Your membership will be reinstated when the club re-opens or (if later) when your current freeze period ends.

Although our club is closed, our health advice would be to try workouts at home. We encourage all of our members to stay fit and healthy during these uncertain times and therefore we have provided contact details of our dedicated team of instructors who are currently running virtual classes for you to join. These are being organised independently and will not form any part of your membership.

Take care everyone. I wish the best of health to you and all of your friends and loved ones. We look forward to welcoming you all back into our club as soon as we are able. Thank you for your ongoing support - it means a lot to us.

Best wishes,

Hector Correa

Community Facilities Manager:


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