The governors act as the trustees for the charitable activities of The Petchey Academy and are also the directors of the charitable company for the purposes of company law.

Governors are appointed in accordance with the Articles of Association. Sponsor governors are appointed by the Jack Petchey Foundation. Governors positions are filled by an open recruitment process. 


Chair's Aly VerjeeWelcome

Our goal as governors is to support and foster the values of The Petchey Academy in every way possible. For our staff and students, we hope to embody the ‘Petchey Way’, which places emphasis on discipline, respect for staff and other students and a ‘can-do’ approach to life and learning.

Recent years have been particularly challenging for all in schools. Those challenges make our mission to inspire and support every child even more important. 

We are committed to developing young people to take their place in all walks of life, as rounded, mature and confident members of society. We place great emphasis on giving our students the ability to consider and make choices in life, rather than following the crowd. Each student is expected to strive for the highest level of individual success in their chosen career path.

We instil ambition not only for academic achievement but for success within all areas. We firmly believe in inspiring and supporting the individual to reach his or her own potential, at whatever level that may be. We create a positive learning environment, following Sir Jack Petchey’s motto “If I think I can…I can”.

We want The Petchey Academy to provide the very best educational opportunities for all of our students.

Aly Verjee

Chair of Governors

Should you require any further information regarding The Petchey Academy Governance, please contact:

Lesley Samuel via