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Applications to Join The Petchey Academy

If you have any queries about admissions to the Academy please contact our Admissions Officer via email:  

Or call Lesley Samuel on: 0207 275 1500 x 1502

Year 6 into 7 Admissions

Hackney Education & Schools coordinates the application process on behalf of The Petchey Academy according to the scheme published in their annual Admissions Booklet which is in accordance with Government legislation.

Applications to join the academy in Year 7 in September 2024 should go via the Hackney Education website.  The deadline for applications is 31st October 2023.

Places at the academy are allocated equally across bands A-D which are determined by the CATS test that every Year 6 student in Hackney sits in the autumn. 

Where the number of applications for admission is greater than the PAN (180 students), applications will be considered against the criteria set out below.  After the admission of students with statements of Special Educational Needs/EHC Plans where The Petchey Academy is named on their statement or plan, the criteria will be applied in the order in which they are set out below - 

  1. Looked after or previously looked after children. A 'looked after child' is a child who is (a) in the care of a local authority, or (b) being provided with accommodation by a local authority in the exercise of their social services functions (see the definition in Section 22(1) of the Children Act 1989) at the time of making an application to a school.  Previously looked after children are children who were looked after, but ceased to be so because they were adopted (or became subject to a child arrangements order or special guardianship order).

  1. Children with a brother or sister on roll at the Academy in Years 7-13 at the time of the application for admission. Brothers and sisters must live permanently at the same address and must have a parent in common.

  1. Having received a band allocation on the basis of their CAT score each student will then be allocated based on proximity of their home address to the Academy using Hackney Learning Education’s Geographic Information System (GIS). This computer software measures straight-line distance calculated from The Petchey Academy’s front gate to the child’s home. If a case of equal distance occurs, lots will be drawn by a person independent of The Petchey Academy to determine the allocation.

If there are insufficient applicants within the band required, places will be allocated in the first instance from the alternate band. If places still remain within a band, these will then be allocated from the equivalent zone in the nearest band, looking first at remaining applicants in the band above (where applicable).

  1. In the case of children from multiple births, the following will apply: at the point at which the first child is allocated a place, the second and subsequent siblings will automatically qualify as siblings and will be allocated the next available space in that band before any further allocations are made.

In-Year Admissions

The offer of a place at the Academy, takes place when the student reaches the top of the Hackney Education waiting list or The Petchey Academy is named as the school of choice on an Education Health Care Plan. 

The governing body reserves the right to refuse applications from students with challenging behaviour outside the normal admission round even though places may be available if it is felt that the admission of the student would have a significant negative impact on the Academy’s resources and attainment of other students. In such cases, the Academy will refer the case to the LA for action and review under the Fair Access Protocol.

Mid year application should be made via the Hackney Education website.

Hackney Education website

Applications for a Place in the Sixth Form

Applications for a place at The Petchey Academy Sixth Form are welcomed from students and/or their parents. Applicants must complete the  Sixth Form online application form and submit this by the deadline date published in the Sixth Form prospectus. All applicants will be offered an admissions meeting to discuss course options available at the academy. The Petchey Academy entry requirements are published in the Sixth Form prospectus which is published annually.

Please visit our Sixth Form pages for more information.

Admissions Policy

Admissions Policy 2023-2024Admissions-Policy 2022-2023

Operation of Waiting List

If we receive more applications than there are places available, we will operate a waiting list.

Parents wishing to add their child to the waiting list must contact Hackney Education . Children’s position on the waiting list will be determined solely in accordance with the oversubscription criteria set out in our Admissions Policy. Where places become vacant they will be allocated to children on the waiting list in accordance with the oversubscription criteria and their CATS band score.

For more information and advice on applying to a Hackney secondary school please visit the Hackney Education Website. 

Appeal Dates & Information

Appeal Dates & Information 2022/2023

Appeal Dates & Information 2021/2022

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