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Petchey Pride 2021

News ‐ 29 Jun 2021

Students across The Petchey Academy have been involved in celebrating International Pride Month and School Diversity Week!


Petchey Pride Month and School Diversity Week


In seminar students have been discussing respect and equality for everyone in our community, embracing diversity of race, gender and LGBT+ identities. 

We have learnt about the role of major civil rights movements throughout the past century.

We discussed how racial equality, gender equality, and LGBT+ equality are all of our responsibility as part of a diverse and respectful community.

We learnt from different staff members about their experiences identifying as LGBT+ and having LGBT+ family and friends.

The Petchey Academy has celebrated the diversity of our community with posters and messaging to highlight our anti-bullying stance in regards to all forms of LGBT+ discrimination.

We discussed advice on how to support people and be an ally to those who identify as LGBT+, and we learnt about how to best seek support if we need it ourselves.

Students have received and delivered lessons about the diversity of LGBT+ identities and equal rights under UK law.

We have taken part in discussions about the role of faith and the importance of religion to LGBT+ people all around the world.

We took part in a cinema afternoon to watch the celebrated film ‘Love, Simon’. The film explores friendship, family and our responsibility to always be true to ourselves!