End of Term Letter - 26 May 2022

Announcement ‐ 26 May 2022


26 May 2022

Dear Parents and Carers,

Further to my correspondence last week I would like to provide you with some key information that all parents should be appraised of.  In order to raise standards and ensure that students receive the best possible education, it is important you discuss the contents of this letter with your child.  Please be aware of the following:

Staggered start on Wednesday 8th June 2022

As you already are aware the school will be closed to students on 6th and 7th June 2022.  All students will return to school on Wednesday 8th June 2022 at the following times:

Y7 – 8:20am

Y8 – 8:50am

Y9 – 9:45am

Y10 – 10:50am

Y12  - 8:30am

All students should use the main entrance on Shacklewell Lane to enter the school.  School will end at the usual time.

Exams for year 11 and year 13 will run according to the timetable.  Please see the separate communication.

High Expectations and Rewards

Teachers have been trained and have been working hard to ensure that we have consistent practice and expectations across all lessons. This includes the two training days on 6th and 7th June 2022 when the school will be closed to students.  Please note teachers will be:

  • Giving clear instructions to ensure all students are aware of expectations
  • Awarding merits every lesson for students who make a positive contribution
  • Awarding a golden ticket every lesson to the student who has made the most effort
  • Following up on all incidents which deliberately interrupt learning using a reminder, warning and BIR system.

Details of these systems and how they are logged and followed up are available in our interim behaviour policy which is now available on our website.  I would like to thank you in advance for supporting staff with delivering the behaviour policy fairly and systematically.  Please ask your child how many golden tickets and merits they have received. This is a great achievement. We will be sending you a summary of your child’s rewards at the end of the term and details of awards.


Please note the Designated Safeguarding Lead for the school is Richard Vaughan - Deputy Headteacher.  If you would like to discuss or raise any concerns please contact him directly via  If you or your child would like to raise any concerns anonymously please email or use the form linked on our website. Please give as much information as possible.


 Please pay close attention to our uniform policy which is on the bottom of this letter.  Breaches to the uniform policy will not be permitted and will be followed up with all students. We know that sometimes unexpected things occur which results in uniform issues so please let the school know if an emergency occurs. You can do this by emailing Please note all uniform issues should be rectified within 24 hours.

If your child attends school in the wrong uniform without prior information provided by you, they will be given a sanction.  A detention will be given for wearing additional non-uniform items such as hats, jewellery and hoodies and the items will be confiscated.  Your child will not be permitted to class if they are wearing the wrong uniform items such as trainers and you will be contacted to bring the correct items to school before they can return to class.

Mobile phones, ear pods and all other electronic devices.

Please note mobile phones, ear pods and all other electronic devices are not permitted in school. If they are seen, heard or used within the school gates they will be confiscated and your child will be given detention. If you wish for your child to bring their mobile phone for the journey to school please note it should be turned off and in their bags (not pockets) before entering the school gates. This is in order to keep everybody safe.

Confiscated items

All confiscated items will be retained by the school for a minimum of one week. Confiscated items can only be returned to a parent after school on a Thursday with an appointment. There will be no exceptions to this. Please email to make an appointment.


If your child receives a warning in or out of class, is late or breaches our uniform policy they will receive a detention on the following day. Each detention lasts 20 minutes. Detentions take place after school for an hour each evening and any students that achieve more than 3 detentions in one day will have their remaining detentions carried over to the next day.  You will be notified by text message of your child’s detention.  Students are expected to make their own way to detention. Any student that does not go to detention will not be allowed to go to lessons the next day and will be placed in the behaviour improvement room (BIR).

Behaviour Improvement Room

We will provide all students with their entitlement to learn free from interruption and distractions. Sometimes students will not comply with this and will therefore be referred to our Behaviour Improvement Room.  This is an intervention to refocus students and support them with behaving on their return to class.  Any students who are referred to the BIR repeatedly will be considered as persistently disruptive and subject to our sanctions ladder. You will be informed if your child is referred to the BIR by text message and they will remain at school for an additional hour on that day.

Year 10 Parents’ Evening- Wednesday 13th July between 4pm and 6:30pm

In order to ensure that you and your child get the best possible support at this crucial time, we will be offering a Year 10 Parents’ evening in person on Wednesday 13th July 2022.  Details on how to book will be provided by the year 10 team in due course.

‘Heard’ event

Thank you to all parents who attended the Heard event. We will be acting on the feedback and also arranging other parent forums in the coming weeks.  If you wish to discuss any concerns directly please email the school and the appropriate person will get back to you.

Have a good half-term break

Omar Deria



The Petchey Academy Uniform Policy

Personal presentation is important in the world of work and we want to make sure that every Petchey Academy students develop a sense of pride in how they look.

The Petchey Academy uniform expectations: all uniform items must be plain, without accessories, logos, decoration or any other colours.

Please check the information below and make sure you are buying the correct uniform for your child.

All students are expected to adhere to the following uniform expectations:

  • Blazer: TPA blazer with logo, must be worn at all times
  • Shirt: plain white shirt / blouse with collar, must be tucked in and top button done up
  • Tie: TPA tie, worn to the waist.
  • Jumper (optional): Plain black V-neck jumper, no logos
  • Trousers: plain black, tailored, regular fit (no denim, coloured pocket zips). A plain black belt should be worn to ensure trousers are worn correctly.
  • Skirt: plain black, knee-length, pleated, or tartan, until replaced. It must not be rolled up.
  • Socks or tights: plain black or navy
  • Shoes: plain black leather school shoes, providing adequate protection and support (no casuals, fabric, canvas, trainers, sandals, pumps, ‘work type’ shoes e.g. Dr Martens boots, high heels, boots, coloured laces, coloured stitching)
  • Coat: plain black, to be removed in the school building (no leather, suede, denim, hoody, sweatshirt, sports top, body warmer or gilet)
  • Hijab, Abaya, Prayer Cap, Turban, Patka: Plain black.

PE Kit

  • The Petchey Academy polo shirt
  • Plain black shorts
  • Plain black tracksuit bottoms
  • Plain black sports socks
  • Trainers

Jewellery, decoration and other items

  • A single necklace (not visible) or bracelet for religious reasons only
  • Earrings: small plain studs, matching pair or single
  • Hair fasteners: allowed and should be plain black
  • Belts: Plain black belt. Belt buckles should not be oversized or emblazoned with logos. Belts are to be worn to ensure trousers are worn correctly - no underwear should be shown in any circumstances
  • Make-up: to be modest and discreet (no lipstick, false eyelashes, acrylic nails, concealer, eye shadow, nail varnish)
  • Hats: plain black woollen hat and gloves, only to be worn outside the buildings during cold weather (no baseball caps, visors or any type of bandana)
  • Bag: black with the school logo (can be purchased from Price & Buckland)
  • No scarves, snoods (neck warmers) to be worn in the school, with the exception of a head
  • Scarf - which must be plain black
  • No metal afro combs are to be onsite
  • No facial or body jewellery, tattoos, false nail extensions
  • No anklets and rings

We expect all students to be in the correct uniform. If there is a genuine issue parents should contact the school in advance so that we can support them. Students who choose to disobey the uniform expectations will be sanctioned for deliberate defiance of school rules. The school may confiscate items of clothing/jewellery worn to school in defiance of these expectations. In some cases the school may provide an alternative or send the student home to rectify the problem. The parent/carer will be informed that an item has been confiscated and that the item is not permitted in the school and will only be returned to a parent/carer.


Where can I buy a uniform from and how much will it cost?

The sole uniform supplier for The Petchey Academy blazer, tie, bag and PE kit

is Price & Buckland Schoolwear

What should I do if there is a problem with my child’s uniform?

Give your child a signed and dated note to show their year team before 8:30. Your child will be given a uniform pass and may be issued temporary uniform items.

What should I do if there is a problem with my child’s PE kit?

Give your child a signed and dated note to show their PE teacher.

What will happen if my child is in the wrong uniform?

Your child will be issued with a detention. Non-uniform items will be confiscated and only be returned to parents/carers. Non-uniform items will be replaced with temporary uniform items as required.

Can my child wear a religious dress?

Yes, the following items may be worn: Hijab, Abaya, Prayer Cap, Turban, Patka: Plain matt black.

How can I help my child not to lose any items of their uniform?

You should write your child’s name clearly in black permanent pen on every item of their uniform, including their PE kit.

Can my child wear jewellery?

The wearing of jewellery is limited to the following items: A single necklace or bracelet for approved religious reasons.

Earrings: Small plain studs, matching pair or single

Can my child wear make-up?

Any make-up worn must be modest and discreet. Lipstick, false eyelashes, acrylic nails, nail varnish are not allowed.

What happens in hot weather with blazers?

All students will be expected to wear their blazers to and from school, in and outside the building.

Classroom teachers will decide whether students can remove their blazers inside the classroom.