Our Lunches

Family Service Lunch

One of the original pioneers of Family Service lunch when the academy opened, Family Service lunch means that students all eat the same and dine together in small groups. Each student has a role to play in collecting, serving and clearing the table, thereby encouraging them to cooperate and socialise together.

All of our food is prepared and cooked from fresh produce on the premises every day, our menus are designed to conform to the Governments’ healthy eating commitment and support our healthy living philosophy. All our meat is certified Halal and a vegetarian option is always available. Food allergies for medical reasons will be catered for.

Packed lunches are not allowed and no food or drink other than still water and fruit are to be brought into the academy. Students stay on site during lunch time in order to ensure they remain in a safe environment during the day.

Breakfast Club

A free breakfast is available to all students every morning in the Refectory from 8.00-8.20am. including fruit juice, cereal and a piece of fruit.

This Week’s Menu - w/c 29th March 2021

ing for lunches

Lunch costs £2.30 per day, £11.50 per week. All payments for lunches must be paid in advance by week, month or semester via:


How to top up your ParentPay account - a guide for parents/carers

ParentPay parent support

Students are expected to have 100% attendance therefore parent/carers will be charged for the academy lunch every day. The only exception is during planned work experience in Year 10 and while students are out of the academy on educational residential trips.

If your child is fasting for Ramadan a letter must be received at least two weeks in advance (for the month of Ramadan - 2 weeks in advance) in order not to incur lunch charges, or complete the online form which will be published on the website a month prior to Ramadan.

Please download the request form below or email accounts@petcheyacademy.org.uk

If you are having difficulty paying your child’s lunch account please contact the academy immediately to arrange a payment plan. Outstanding balances on your child’s accounts may result in your child forfeiting academy subsidised rewards trips and places at Y13 prom/ Y11 end of year celebration.

If you need any further advice or assistance please contact the academy's central office on 0207 275 1500.


Inspection date: 19 October 2020

We review our suppliers regularly to ensure they conform to the high standards of the academy and maintain our excellent service. Following on from our 5 star grading by the Food Standards Agency, we have now increased our minimum standards to state that all meat and poultry providers must have a minimum of a 4 star EHO rating. As part of our continuous drive to maintain these high standards, whilst also serving over 1000 meals per day for just £2.20 per person, we also review our suppliers.

At the academy our meat is certified Halal supplied by The Middlesex Meat Company.

Beef Halal Cert Expires 300921 17th Mar 2021 Download
Chicken Halal Cert Expires 311021 17th Mar 2021 Download
Lamb Halal Cert Expires 300422 17th Mar 2021 Download

Ramadan fasting - Request for adjustment to Family Service charges

Ramadan fasting - Request for adjustment to Family Service charges
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