Equality & Diversity

The Petchey Academy is an incredibly vibrant and diverse learning environment with staff and students from many different backgrounds. This unique composition is part of what makes us so special.

We are a non-denominational school and students of all religious and cultural backgrounds are respected and welcomed. Knowledge and understanding of diversity are developed and celebrated through academy-wide events in a climate of respect and inclusion

Stamp Out Prejudice

Every year at The Petchey Academy we have a focus week to Stamp Out Prejudice (StOP Week)

In 2020 we focussed on celebrating difference. It was a fantastic week with activities every day to celebrate diversity and encourage students and staff to question and challenge stereotypes and prejudice. The students’ workshops and activities were geared to enable our students to make sound choices, build strong relationships, enjoy who they were created to be and develop greater self-awareness and value personal growth. Activities took place in and outside of lessons and ranged from visiting speakers, to spoken voice workshops to art and drama pieces. Here are some of the highlights from StOP Week which included a visit from Humanutopia and Diversity Role Models, a podcast recorded with our students interviewing “Hackney Oldies” and our “It’s Not Fair, Fair”.