“Excelsior” Programme for More able students

Our More Able programme is called Excelsior which means “ever higher” and it is specifically designed for our most able students.

GCSE results 2019These are students that arrived in Year 7 with high attainment Levels from KS2, or who have made exceptional progress since joining The Petchey Academy.

The aim of the Excelsior programme is to inspire, challenge and stretch our brightest students to enable them to achieve the best results possible and secure places at prestigious universities.

Alongside the differentiation techniques which are used in every class to extend students’ learning as far as they are able, Excelsior students also benefit from specific enrichment and extra-curricular activities to fuel their ambitions and love of learning. We also work closely with students’ families to ensure that parents and carers are equipped to support their child in making aspirational goals a reality.Student reading in Library

The programme is structured into four headings:

Extend, Experience, Achieve, Aspire


  • Students are exposed to a rich and rigorous curriculum, that embodies stretch and challenge learning activities.
  • Students are challenged to complete higher ability home learning and cross-curricular projects designed to develop independent learning skills.


  • Bespoke weekly clubs are designed solely for Excelsior students.
  • Enhancement programmes with partner organisations including

Visit talent-ed.uk

TalentEd is a charity that offers high-ability young people a year-long programme of weekly after-school sessions.

Visit intouniversity.org

IntoUniversity provides local learning centres where young people are inspired to achieve.


  • Effective monitoring of Excelsior as a discrete group is conducted by all staff
  • Strategic intervention to improve student progress is implemented where needed


  • All Excelsior students follow a programme of events, which includes
    • University visits
    • Careers talks and guidance
    • Oxbridge partnerships